Gone Troppo: Last Wave at Waitpinga

Last Wave at Waitpinga
Hand lettering, photographic manipulation and graphic design for Gone Troppo track Last Wave at Waitpinga – a great surf-rock instrumental.

I’ve created a 16-page pdf booklet as a bonus download on bandcamp, which features a selection of the photos taken by me during filming, together with a few video stills of the pro surfers shown in action during the video clip. All of the images have been given an appropriate ‘grunge’ surfing look, adding texture and colour enhancements to accurately capture the coastal feel. Here’s four images from the booklet:

Last Wave at Waitpinga Last Wave at Waitpinga

The song is available as a double single with another instrumental titled Looking Down the Barrel on CD Baby and bandcamp for only $1. Also available as a single track release on iTunes.

The previously posted music video can also be found here.


Year of the Snake

2013: Year of the Snake

The Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, begins on February 1oth 2013 and will continue until January 30th 2014. This follows the Year of the (Black) Dragon in 2012, a year which was predicted to be unpredictable.

2013 is the Year of the Snake – or, more accurately, the Year of the Black Water Snake – a year to show caution, plan diligently, act responsibly, and work towards your greater goals.

The snake is the 6th of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. Snakes are considered to be a good omen, and people born in the Year of the Snake are considered to bring good luck and prosperity to a household; it is said that having a snake in the house will never see you short of food on the table. Beware though – for all their financial thoughtfulness, careful planning, charm and intuition, snakes can also be somewhat devious, materialistic and greedy.

The snake mainly contains the fire element from the 5 elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) in Chinese Astrology, and is therefore in the fire group. As 2013 is a water year and the snake is a fire element, it is possible that both good and bad fortune may be experienced – so, what else is new!

My illustration celebrating the New Year is a coiled snake symbol, created with an ink brush pen on Canson Pastel paper. This sketched design was scanned into Photoshop, where I used various layer styles to highlight the ink effects of the original sketch (areas of wetter, heavier ink coverage showed as a separate tone on the scan), and I also added additional textures to create the finished effect I desired.

Also included in this design were references to two of the lucky components for the snake: the colours of yellow and red, and the directions of southwest and northeast (as seen in the background texture patterns).

Soundscapes 2: more musical designs

SEBAN_nightlightNightlight by SEBAN



OHLBITRAS_DeadLiveDead Live in Copenhagen by OHLBITRAS

TWIFT_Behold meBehold Me by TWIFT


Further to my original Soundscapes designs, here are half a dozen new cd cover/icon designs – this time however, they are not exclusively constructed only with photography as the main visual element. This set has a greater focus on graphic design, so includes pieces using digital illustration (SEBAN) and custom type (BAUXER, OHLBITRAS), together with a range of photographic textures and effects.

The FIGHT continues…

boxing apparel poster design

As I continue to experiment with technique and style on a variety of personal projects and ideas, I’ve produced a few more design concepts for sporting apparel brand FIGHT. These display posters and large format strip banners are for promotional in-store graphics to support brand identity and seasonal marketing initiatives. They’re a good opportunity to play with textures and overlays, which is a general departure for me from standard corporate design work.

display banners

Red dog, blue dog

BArk!A new fenced play area has been constructed in park lands nearby to where I live, for dogs to run freely in. It’s divided into two areas: one for large dogs, and another for smaller dogs. Outline illustrations for the dogs and overall composition were created in Illustrator, and the bark texture and final editing completed in Photoshop. BArk! baRK!