Looking Down the Barrel

The latest music video I’ve edited for Gone Troppo. Highly impressive surfing action!


Gone Troppo: Last Wave at Waitpinga

Last Wave at Waitpinga
Hand lettering, photographic manipulation and graphic design for Gone Troppo track Last Wave at Waitpinga – a great surf-rock instrumental.

I’ve created a 16-page pdf booklet as a bonus download on bandcamp, which features a selection of the photos taken by me during filming, together with a few video stills of the pro surfers shown in action during the video clip. All of the images have been given an appropriate ‘grunge’ surfing look, adding texture and colour enhancements to accurately capture the coastal feel. Here’s four images from the booklet:

Last Wave at Waitpinga Last Wave at Waitpinga

The song is available as a double single with another instrumental titled Looking Down the Barrel on CD Baby and bandcamp for only $1. Also available as a single track release on iTunes.

The previously posted music video can also be found here.

Motorsport Heroes poster

Motorsport Heroes posterAfter considerable effort I’ve finally finished the latest design in my Motor Style Inc. series of prints. Motorsport Heroes has taken approximately 150 hours to complete, with a large amount of that time spent exhaustively researching all of the drivers and cars featured in the 15 individual illustrations.

The concept for this poster was to collectively show the wide variety of designs in global motorsport series, particularly during the classic decades of the 1950’s to 1980’s, when many highly iconic racing machines and legendary drivers competed in events around the world. I was very keen to only feature drivers that personally won many races (and championships) and chose cars that achieved great results and/or are considered to be fine examples of automotive engineering and design. I entered the 1990’s only to include 7-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher – and to add the beautiful Jordan 191 – one of my personal favourite modern F1 designs. A few close-up details:

AndrettiRöhrlNuvolariMass + IckxMossPrints are available from søciety6

See you at the ballpark

All-Star GameBite v Bandits programPlayer cards

Have been producing a few pieces for the Adelaide Bite Baseball Club, where I’m currently volunteering full-time to gain some useful event experience. These designs include game programs, web banners, player cards, flyers, and other promotional work. So far most of what I’ve created has been reasonably straightforward, but I’ll hopefully have further opportunities to work on some more interesting and involved designs during the remainder of the season.

Adelaide United t-shirt designs

AUFC_Cassio_tee AUFC_ForeverRed_tee AUFC_WeAreUnited_teeEarlier this year I created the three t-shirt designs above as competition entries for my local football (soccer) team Adelaide United, who play in the A-League as South Australia’s team.

The first design features popular Brazilian-born defender Cassio, a previous club champion who loves to dribble the ball and take on opposing defenders. The second design refers to the club nickname of ‘the Reds’ (they play in a predominately red strip), and the final design is a bold slogan graphic promoting strength in unity.

The competition is now open to public voting to decide the winning design, which will be produced by apparel supplier Kappa as an official club t-shirt for the current 2013-14 season. Online voting is available here until the 6th of November, so do the right thing and vote now for your favourite design!

1985 Australian Grand Prix, Adelaide

Keke Rosberg - Adelaide 1985Patrick Tambay and Stefan Johansson - Adelaide 1985I’ve been poking about in the dusty old Rylee Vault again, and have come up with a couple of illustrations produced 27 years ago!

These are storyboard images, created for an advertisement promoting the Adelaide race, which was at that point held in South Australia. This was a student project of mine which involved shooting a video concept, and was part of my Certificate in Commercial Art. Unfortunately only these two illustrations survive from those that I produced, but I do remember them as the better images from the set.

The top illustration is coloured pencil on black heavy weight paper, and shows Williams-Honda driver Keke Rosberg, who went on to win the Australian Grand Prix – the first time that Adelaide had hosted a race in the Formula One World Championship.

Below that is an illustration completed in ink and coloured pencil. It shows Stefan Johansson (Ferrari #28) ahead of Patrick Tambay (Renault #15) as they race up to the East End Markets section of the Adelaide street circuit.

The Doctor is in

Valentino RossiValentino Rossi achieved his 80th grand prix race win in the premier class of MotoGP at the recent Assen TT. This was also his 106th career victory, and first since the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix. The nine-time world champion, known as ‘The Doctor,’ produced a flawless ride and showed that he still has the ability to be a leading contender in the world championship.

My illustration was created in Adobe Photoshop CS5, and captures Rossi in action on his Yamaha YZR-M1 in the Netherlands. My earlier MotoGP illustrations can be viewed here on my website.

100 Tours

100th Tour de FrancePoster design commemorating the 2013 Tour de France – the 100th edition of this famous event. This year the riders will cover a total of 3,403 kilometres (2,115 mi), made up from 21 stages of racing around France.

The main image was created in ArtRage Studio Pro, ‘Le Tour’ title hand drawn and edited in Illustrator, and the final layout composed in Photoshop, where textures and effects were added.

Boonie and Gilly

Your shout BoonieGilly was good

Here in Australia we are about to begin our international cricket summer season (featuring South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies), so I’ve started on a few ideas that recognize Australia’s past sporting heroes in this great game – in true Aussie humorous style.

Above are the first two finished designs for top-order batsman David Boon (career: 1984-1996) and wicket-keeper/batsman Adam Gilchrist (1996-2008).

Tasmanian David Boon became an iconic member of the Australian team, primarily due to his short and stocky stature, unruffled demeanour, and his ability to save Australia with determined batting when they were fighting to be competitive. Known as ‘Boonie’ he became a legendary character after it was claimed he drank 52 cans of beer on a flight to London in 1989. My design plays with this fabled story and I thought it would be a perfect T-shirt slogan for the heavy drinking lads who sit (or stand!) in the sun all day, supporting the Australian team.

Born in New South Wales, Adam Gilchrist is one of the most popular players from the recent period when Australia dominated international cricket. ‘Gilly’ was an attacking left-handed batsman who could individually turn a game in Australia’s favour, due to his powerful and rapid run scoring in the middle-order. He was also a highly efficient wicket-keeper, who performed with great skill and mental focus whilst keeping to the demanding spin bowling from Shane Warne. My design references both Gilchrist’s freakish abilities and his honourable sense of fair play – he really was good!

Your shout BoonieGilly was good

Sketch of the day: Bowled


The nervous batsman awaits the demon bowler. The scoreboard details uninspired performances from those proceeding him this innings; his team needs solid runs from him now to avoid an embarrassingly heavy defeat. He taps his bat on the crease, organizes his racing thoughts, and concentrates on the approaching delivery.

The death rattle is the last thing he wanted to hear…

(inspired by a song)

Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France

The 99th edition of Le Tour de France is currently racing towards an arrival in Paris on Sunday July 22nd – after an exhausting 3,497 kilometres. To add my small mark in celebrating the famous event I’ve put together this old style poster design, using a vector version of one of my photographs of professional cyclists, together with some nice vintage letterpress type. Oh, and… Go Cadel!

Silverstone is Lorenzo’s Land

British MotoGP winner Jorge Lorenzo

Another MotoGP illustration, following my previous Casey Stoner and Marco Simoncelli pieces from last year. This is a great angle of Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo down low as he turns through a corner on his way to victory in the 2012 British Grand Prix.

Illustration was completed in Photoshop in around 10 hours, mainly using a custom pressure-sensitive chalk effect brush, which helps me to achieve the rough texturing and detailing that I favour.

The FIGHT continues…

boxing apparel poster design

As I continue to experiment with technique and style on a variety of personal projects and ideas, I’ve produced a few more design concepts for sporting apparel brand FIGHT. These display posters and large format strip banners are for promotional in-store graphics to support brand identity and seasonal marketing initiatives. They’re a good opportunity to play with textures and overlays, which is a general departure for me from standard corporate design work.

display banners

Marco Simoncelli 1987-2011

Ciao Marco – Marco Simoncelli remembered

On October 23rd, during lap 2 of the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix, Italian rider Marco Simoncelli suffered a terrible, and fatal accident. Simoncelli rode with passion and exuberance, and together with his wild long hair and positive attitude became a firm favourite to many motorcycling fans around the world. I’ll miss watching him riding, and will no longer be able to urge him on to win his first MotoGP race.

My illustrated poster is a remembrance and personal tribute to a talented and charismatic young rider, who will be greatly missed. This piece was completed in Adobe Photoshop, using charcoal and watercolour brushes, and the logo was created in Illustrator.

Ciao Marco – RIP.