Photo of the day: Caught in the web

Caught in the web


Been bitten again…

8-Bitten_Nintendo Famicom

8-Bitten_Sega Master System

8-Bitten_Atari 7800

Three new designs for my continuing 8-Bitten concept – this time focussing on the hardware designs (particularly controller design) for the Nintendo Famicom, Sega Master System and the Atari 7800.

Each piece features my digital arachnid, and the colouring references the company style at the time. The illustrations are loosely drawn in Illustrator with the blob brush, with final composition, colouring and editing completed in Photoshop.

Along came an 8-bit spider

Have been experimenting with a few more designs for my digital arachnid, first posted back in January. The aim here is to simply produce quick options, similar to my Player Won logotype posters – again using classic retro video game styling in different patterns. The 8-bit era offers plenty of scope for interesting colour and shape combinations, often giving the opportunity to juxtapose elements in bold ways, which is highly typical of designs and illustrations from that era.

Since creating the original icon design I’ve settled on the ‘retro devotion‘ tagline, which adds emphais to the idea of being bitten by the 8-bit bug – or spider in this case!