Racers from Gran Turismo 6

Deltawing Audi R18 TDI Nissan GT-R Kart 100 Citroën GT Mount Panorama Toyota YellowHat Mazda RX7 Lexus IS350


We can all be an 8-Bit Champion!

8-Bit ChampionA retro game inspired design for all those that have won (or wish they could win!) a grand prix championship on a home video console. A reminder that we can all be champions in the comfort of our own home. And yes, I’ve won a few myself …

Available to purchase as a T-shirt, throw pillow, iPhone skin and more from søciety6.

8-Bit Champion by rylee8-Bit Champion

Monkeybomb: identity design

MONKEYBOMB interactiveMONKEYBOMB logotypeMONKEYBOMB splash screens

Personal identity design project for games developer MONKEYBOMB. Above are shown the main logo (full version) and secondary logotype, along with splash screens for mobile devices.

This idea formed whilst working on a creative solution for another project, and is easily one of my quickest ever logo designs! The key for this identity was to produce a bold and direct icon, from which all other elements would follow in structure and style, to create a high impact, strongly contrasting, casually informal appearance.

Concept art for Raven Grave

Raven Grave_environment01

Raven Grave_environment02

Raven Grave_environment03

Raven Grave_characters

Raven Grave_PS3 cover

Raven Grave: asleep in darkness is a suspenseful, otherworldly adventure – a mature exploration of personal relationships and individual behavior amid upheaval, regret and recriminations. Set within the extensive and desolate wilderness of a decaying country estate, unspoken truths and unresolved conflicts provoke deadly situations and confrontation with both human and supernatural adversaries.

Disturbingly beguiling and completely without comparison, Raven Grave: asleep in darkness is a sophisticated and elaborately complex adult allegory, ruminating on our frequently dark existence in-between joyous birth and the ultimate finality of death.

Been bitten again…

8-Bitten_Nintendo Famicom

8-Bitten_Sega Master System

8-Bitten_Atari 7800

Three new designs for my continuing 8-Bitten concept – this time focussing on the hardware designs (particularly controller design) for the Nintendo Famicom, Sega Master System and the Atari 7800.

Each piece features my digital arachnid, and the colouring references the company style at the time. The illustrations are loosely drawn in Illustrator with the blob brush, with final composition, colouring and editing completed in Photoshop.

Gran Turismo 5: Photo Journey

Gran Turismo 5_Mazda

Gran Turismo 5_Ferarri

Gran Turismo 5_Toyota

Since the original game was released for Sony PlayStation in 1997, I have been an enthusiastic player of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series. This was the one game that swiftly elevated the bar (and expectations of gamers) for realistic driving physics and racing experiences on a home console. It quickly became a welcome and regular entertainment destination for myself, offering plentiful makes and models of vehicles (road, track, off-road) together with various racing disciplines and competitions, superb recreations of famous real world tracks, plus many well crafted fantasy courses and venues that were simply a great joy and pleasure to drive.

After the release of GT4 I soon discovered that I was often enjoying the excellent Photo Mode as much as the racing itself, and had amassed a large image collection of my racing adventures. The most recent version – GT5 – features vastly improved resolution and definition, which has significantly enhanced the vehicle models and environments, and offers even better opportunities for realistic and accurate in-game photography.

A GT design project beckoned, as I was only using my photographs as desktop wallpapers or home screen backgrounds. So, I’ve produced a 40 page mini-booklet, titled “Photo Journey”, featuring just a small selection of some of my personal favourite cars and images from Gran Turismo 5. Many of the page designs use the four iconic PlayStation button symbols, together with various typographic title treatments and use of both the GT and PlayStation colour schemes.

Along with the three selected spreads shown above I’ve also set up a thumbnail version showing the full booklet, seen below.

Gran Turismo_Photo Journey

Along came an 8-bit spider

Have been experimenting with a few more designs for my digital arachnid, first posted back in January. The aim here is to simply produce quick options, similar to my Player Won logotype posters – again using classic retro video game styling in different patterns. The 8-bit era offers plenty of scope for interesting colour and shape combinations, often giving the opportunity to juxtapose elements in bold ways, which is highly typical of designs and illustrations from that era.

Since creating the original icon design I’ve settled on the ‘retro devotion‘ tagline, which adds emphais to the idea of being bitten by the 8-bit bug – or spider in this case!

Retro game styled posters

Some further design exploration of my PLAYER ONE concept, based on the logotype design posted earlier this year. I had a number of different repeating patterns and coloured bar options in mind when creating the initial lettering, which I knew would lead me to produce poster designs at some point. All of these designs are inspired by the graphically bold and simple packaging and promotion created for retro games during the 70’s and 80’s, a particular period of time which has always appealed to me as a type of visual time capsule, where popular culture exhibited great interest in future projection and space-based technologies. I’m likely to continue playing around with a few more ideas too, as there are so many striking combinations that I can see as possibilities for this little project.

These days powerful and relatively inexpensive systems entertain us with highly engaging game play and detailed hi-res graphics, but the visual legacy of classic arcade and home console games lives on as a unique part of the history of gaming – a style that generates a true love for the art of game design.