Let’s get ready to rumble!

Abbott vs Putin
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stated that he plans to ‘shirtfront’ Russian President Vladimir Putin when he attends the G20 leaders’ meeting in Brisbane during November, due to Russia’s suspected involvement and lack of rescue assistance in the tragic downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the Ukraine in July.

Abbott was a student boxer and Putin is a bear-wrestling 6th dan judo and karate expert! BRING IT ON!!


Typographical Defense Bureau

Typographical Defense BureauTypographical Defense BureauThe ongoing war against bad typography continues!

In a world now flooded with poorly executed communication and promotional material, only a dedicated and vigilant resistance against offensive and unacceptable typographical crimes will see us gain a much needed victory. Be part of the solution and join the freedom fight from bad type today!

The FIGHT continues…

boxing apparel poster design

As I continue to experiment with technique and style on a variety of personal projects and ideas, I’ve produced a few more design concepts for sporting apparel brand FIGHT. These display posters and large format strip banners are for promotional in-store graphics to support brand identity and seasonal marketing initiatives. They’re a good opportunity to play with textures and overlays, which is a general departure for me from standard corporate design work.

display banners