Custom type: Balquis

Tales of Quahnarren: Balquis

Custom type design for the major south-eastern city of Balquis from my fantasy world of Quahnarren. Initially sketched by hand, the letterforms were finalised as vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator.


Motor Style Inc.: Rallye Monte Carlo

Rallye Monte Carlo
Second print in my Motor Style Inc series. This poster design celebrates the historic Rallye Monte Carlo, and shows a classic Mini Cooper from 1965. This event was originally held to test the durability of car models and their current technology, with competitors starting from various points around Europe. Converging to finish in Monaco after surviving numerous hazardous road conditions, which included snow and ice during both day and night, completion of the event would offer manufacturers invaluable publicity and promotion, together with the prestige of a strong finishing result. A brief and entertaining video showing the 1963 event can be seen here, where you can also read a short history about the event during the 60s.

This is a digital illustration completed in Photoshop CS5, and the Monte Carlo type is custom designed by me for this poster to reflect hand drawn type from the period.

Prints of this poster (plus t-shirts) can be purchased from my online store at Society6.

Soundscapes 2: more musical designs

SEBAN_nightlightNightlight by SEBAN



OHLBITRAS_DeadLiveDead Live in Copenhagen by OHLBITRAS

TWIFT_Behold meBehold Me by TWIFT


Further to my original Soundscapes designs, here are half a dozen new cd cover/icon designs – this time however, they are not exclusively constructed only with photography as the main visual element. This set has a greater focus on graphic design, so includes pieces using digital illustration (SEBAN) and custom type (BAUXER, OHLBITRAS), together with a range of photographic textures and effects.

The Indian Wars

The Indian Wars

Custom typography for The Indian Wars. The vector letterforms and composition were created in Illustrator, with the final textures and effects added in Photoshop. This was a design concept requiring a specific style of hand lettering that I’d had in mind for some time – happily the final outcome is still very close to my original idea, even though a number of changes were made during the design and construction process.

This piece was then used in my book cover design concept, along with an illustration of attacking Indians, which was also created in Photoshop (detail image below).

The Indian Wars book coverIndians!

Concept art for Raven Grave

Raven Grave_environment01

Raven Grave_environment02

Raven Grave_environment03

Raven Grave_characters

Raven Grave_PS3 cover

Raven Grave: asleep in darkness is a suspenseful, otherworldly adventure – a mature exploration of personal relationships and individual behavior amid upheaval, regret and recriminations. Set within the extensive and desolate wilderness of a decaying country estate, unspoken truths and unresolved conflicts provoke deadly situations and confrontation with both human and supernatural adversaries.

Disturbingly beguiling and completely without comparison, Raven Grave: asleep in darkness is a sophisticated and elaborately complex adult allegory, ruminating on our frequently dark existence in-between joyous birth and the ultimate finality of death.

Hero or villain? You decide!


I’m not sure which side he represents – possibly plays for both teams; whoever offers the biggest bounty wins. What is guaranteed is that he’d pursue you with maximum effort and intensity.

Been bitten again…

8-Bitten_Nintendo Famicom

8-Bitten_Sega Master System

8-Bitten_Atari 7800

Three new designs for my continuing 8-Bitten concept – this time focussing on the hardware designs (particularly controller design) for the Nintendo Famicom, Sega Master System and the Atari 7800.

Each piece features my digital arachnid, and the colouring references the company style at the time. The illustrations are loosely drawn in Illustrator with the blob brush, with final composition, colouring and editing completed in Photoshop.

BANG! – a Western adventure

bad guys with big guns

The American West has long held a fascination for many people – myself included. I’ve lately been reading a lot about exploration expeditions, fur trapping mountain men, cow-towns and cattle barons, pioneers, railroad entrepreneurs, prospectors and miners, cowboys, Indians, and the battles that defined this time and place.

Amongst my reading material has been stories describing the escapades of Billy the Kid, which has inspired the hand lettered illustration piece above. Watching Hell on Wheels has certainly fired the imagination too!

Rock Legend: David Bowie

David Bowie

For some time I’ve had the general idea of creating a few poster designs featuring some of the great singers and bands I enjoy listening to, and who I have respect and admiration for as musicians and performers. My desire is to experiment with various illustration techniques and styles, looking to find a presentation concept that matches my own visual representation of the music genre and style for each artist. I’ve decided to collectively title them as ‘Rock Legends’ and have worked out a shortlist for a few initial designs, so will continue posting new pieces as they are completed.

First up is a true popular music icon. David Bowie has had a remarkable career, during which he has taken on various stage persona, easily transitioned with much success from one musical style to another, and produced some of the greatest pop and rock albums of all-time. His Ziggy Stardust character is a memorable highlight amongst all the different personalities he fashioned during his career, and his 1972 album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is regarded as a classic.

I’ve presented Bowie as Ziggy, and in attempting to capture his combination of glam rock and otherworldly origins, have settled on an isometric grid design, representing Bowie as a multifaceted performer assembled from many colourful pieces to produce an intricate and intriguing finished product. The orange disc and expanding rings suggest both the planet Mars and a vinyl record, placed within the arc of my DB ribbon design.

The face and BOWIE type were not particularly difficult to create, but did take considerable hours to fully piece together as I wanted. Small detail areas such as the eyes were the trickiest to complete when working with this grid design structure – most notably I was very keen to ensure that Bowie’s dilated pupil in his left eye was faithfully captured.

The Bowie legacy is immense. His body of work will continue to influence artists for many generations, and his transformations and musical adaptability are almost unmatched by any other popular performer, past or present.

Along came an 8-bit spider

Have been experimenting with a few more designs for my digital arachnid, first posted back in January. The aim here is to simply produce quick options, similar to my Player Won logotype posters – again using classic retro video game styling in different patterns. The 8-bit era offers plenty of scope for interesting colour and shape combinations, often giving the opportunity to juxtapose elements in bold ways, which is highly typical of designs and illustrations from that era.

Since creating the original icon design I’ve settled on the ‘retro devotion‘ tagline, which adds emphais to the idea of being bitten by the 8-bit bug – or spider in this case!