Mapping Quahnarren

Map of is now live, so as part of creating the new site for my project I’ve produced a detailed map of the fantasy land of Quahnarren.

I have always had a genuine interest in maps and cartography, and the absorbing sense of wonder and discovery that they offer, and knew that a nice map would be an essential component to help visualize Quahnarren. Developing the size, shape and actual geographical features of the landmass was not a particularly simple task, especially considering that most of the locations and stories for the project have yet to be devised and written! This process involved quite a bit of future planning (and some guesswork), which will hopefully prove to be suitably flexible and appropriate for my needs as this project proceeds.

The finished artwork originally started with a hand drawn map outline, which was scanned into Photoshop where the detailed colour and texture were added. All of the map typography was set in Illustrator and then imported as layers into Photoshop, which makes it more manageable and updatable, and also provides a sharp vector base for the type too.

It would take about a week and a half for a reasonably fit person to walk across the entire length of Quahnarren – along the way you’d be sure to see and experience a great deal of adventure and excitement.


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