Pro pellere (propulsion)


Propulsion started life simply as a musical composition project for me to experiment with in GarageBand, but then grew to include a supporting video clip and poster design. The song itself triggered a lot of imagery in my mind, particularly about motion, force and energy, so I felt quite compelled to go beyond just the tune itself and to make this a much larger venture than originally intended.

All of the space imagery and audio files are from NASA via the DVIDS (Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System) website, which allows anyone to create an account and freely download content for use.

The clip was produced in iMovie, with all of the various typographical elements created in Illustrator, and the images edited, altered and prepared in Photoshop. The poster and icon design captures all the impressive power and spectacle of a space launch, and is another Illustrator/Photoshop piece.





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