7 things I’ve learned from Lance Armstrong

SINNER – Lance Armstrong

  1. Don’t lower yourself to the unprincipled standards of others.
    If the game is a lie, then eradicate the problems or find another game to play.
  2. Maintaining a lie requires a serial approach to falsehood and deception.
    The road you choose will be very long and is unlikely to be fully supported by others for the entire journey. Rumour and innuendo will eventually expose enough of the truth, particularly when financial gain is involved.
  3. At what cost?
    If you opt to cheat and have a responsibility for others, be prepared for substantial consequences for all involved.
  4. Sport absolutely requires a level playing field for all participants.
    To knowingly cheat, regardless of circumstances, completely disrespects competitors, officials, volunteers, sponsors and spectators. Without adherence to set rules it is no longer a sporting contest.
  5. Don’t overcome a major life hurdle and then simply lose your footing at the next obstacle.
    Fight with integrity and learn from the experience. Be fully prepared for future challenges and use your recent knowledge and inner belief to overcome without hesitation or missteps.
  6. Win without sin.
    Accept all the adulation and the rewards of success without a closet full of gruesome skeletons.
  7. It’s really, really not about the bike.
    Sport is passion. Life is emotional. Better yourself through effort, dedication and a commitment to standards and accountability. Attempt to positively influence those around you through honest self-management and just doing the right thing.

    * I’ve updated the background of my previously posted Lance Armstrong illustration to reflect his recent downfall: from an admired winner to a disgraced sinner.


2 responses

    • I would suggest it is most important to not forget too quickly, and to individually learn from such an event. Lance was caught – but many other riders (and professionals in other sports) remain in the shadows regarding illegal drugs in sport.

      Thanks for liking and posting a comment!

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