Boonie and Gilly

Your shout BoonieGilly was good

Here in Australia we are about to begin our international cricket summer season (featuring South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies), so I’ve started on a few ideas that recognize Australia’s past sporting heroes in this great game – in true Aussie humorous style.

Above are the first two finished designs for top-order batsman David Boon (career: 1984-1996) and wicket-keeper/batsman Adam Gilchrist (1996-2008).

Tasmanian David Boon became an iconic member of the Australian team, primarily due to his short and stocky stature, unruffled demeanour, and his ability to save Australia with determined batting when they were fighting to be competitive. Known as ‘Boonie’ he became a legendary character after it was claimed he drank 52 cans of beer on a flight to London in 1989. My design plays with this fabled story and I thought it would be a perfect T-shirt slogan for the heavy drinking lads who sit (or stand!) in the sun all day, supporting the Australian team.

Born in New South Wales, Adam Gilchrist is one of the most popular players from the recent period when Australia dominated international cricket. ‘Gilly’ was an attacking left-handed batsman who could individually turn a game in Australia’s favour, due to his powerful and rapid run scoring in the middle-order. He was also a highly efficient wicket-keeper, who performed with great skill and mental focus whilst keeping to the demanding spin bowling from Shane Warne. My design references both Gilchrist’s freakish abilities and his honourable sense of fair play – he really was good!

Your shout BoonieGilly was good


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    • Would certainly be very handy to have them both as current players. I’ve got a few other player designs to work on so watch this space.

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