Gran Turismo 5: Photo Journey

Gran Turismo 5_Mazda

Gran Turismo 5_Ferarri

Gran Turismo 5_Toyota

Since the original game was released for Sony PlayStation in 1997, I have been an enthusiastic player of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series. This was the one game that swiftly elevated the bar (and expectations of gamers) for realistic driving physics and racing experiences on a home console. It quickly became a welcome and regular entertainment destination for myself, offering plentiful makes and models of vehicles (road, track, off-road) together with various racing disciplines and competitions, superb recreations of famous real world tracks, plus many well crafted fantasy courses and venues that were simply a great joy and pleasure to drive.

After the release of GT4 I soon discovered that I was often enjoying the excellent Photo Mode as much as the racing itself, and had amassed a large image collection of my racing adventures. The most recent version – GT5 – features vastly improved resolution and definition, which has significantly enhanced the vehicle models and environments, and offers even better opportunities for realistic and accurate in-game photography.

A GT design project beckoned, as I was only using my photographs as desktop wallpapers or home screen backgrounds. So, I’ve produced a 40 page mini-booklet, titled “Photo Journey”, featuring just a small selection of some of my personal favourite cars and images from Gran Turismo 5. Many of the page designs use the four iconic PlayStation button symbols, together with various typographic title treatments and use of both the GT and PlayStation colour schemes.

Along with the three selected spreads shown above I’ve also set up a thumbnail version showing the full booklet, seen below.

Gran Turismo_Photo Journey


2 responses

  1. Nice work! I love this game, and like you, I’ve played it since the original Gran Turismo on PS-One. Amazing how photo-realistic GT5 can be, and your pictures really show this. I’m a hobby photographer and I really do like the Photo Mode.

    • Thanks – yes, it can really suck you into a world unbelievably close to reality. Photo Mode in GT5 does have a few technical issues that makes it a touch harder than GT4 to set up images perfectly, but it is still a great time sink and can produce some fantastic shots.

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