Perforated Cultures: Neville Assad-Salha

I’ve recently started volunteering at the Barossa Regional Gallery in Tanunda, which this weekend officially opens a great new exhibition of outstanding ceramic art by Neville Assad-Salha. This is part of the 2012 SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival – South Australia’s community based visual arts festival.

Neville is currently a Professor of Fine Arts at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, and has a home here in the Barossa Valley. About his work he notes:

My work over the past several years has looked closely at cross-cultural references. I have traveled extensively to many countries working with other artists. This has given me the ability to work across different cultural identities. My works look closely at space (not what space is but what it represents – a metaphor to space). Many of my works relate to the vessel form. This in turn, reflects the image of the human form being the vessel, along with some structural sculptural forms looking at architectural constructions being the tomb (a place of birth, a place of living, a place of death). Many of my pieces are constructed from steel, clay, bronze and sometimes stone. These in turn become a diagram of space.

Neville Assad-Salha

Neville Assad-Salha

After assisting with the setup, I decided to take a few photos (couple of hundred!) of the items on display and eventually had the thought of creating a small video presentation of my photography. The music was assembled in GarageBand, titles were designed in InDesign, and iMovie was used to edit the video.

Neville Assad-Salha


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