Rock Legend: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

The musical legend of Alice Cooper (Vincent Damon Furnier) continues into a fifth decade, during which time he has performed some of the most memorable songs and shocking theatrical moments in rock history.

With worldwide hits such as I’m Eighteen, School’s Out, Elected, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Billion Dollar Babies, Only Women Bleed, Department of Youth, and How You Gonna See Me Now, Cooper created his own unique ‘shock rock’ style, a fusion of tortured nightmares, vaudevillian horror and poetic alienation. Both the original Alice Cooper band, and his later solo incarnation, devised outrageous and controversial stage show spectaculars featuring some of the most impressive concert theatre ever seen in rock music. Props used have included electric chairs, boa constrictors, axes, gallows, guillotines and lots of fake blood.

My design is a simple ‘gig poster’ image of Alice, which was assembled in Photoshop using a scan of scrunched and folded paper to create a well-worn texture and appearance. I always think that Alice looks suitably iconic with a top hat, so have given him a white one here, and contrasted that with a red, river-of-blood effect for his hair.

Rock on Alice!


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