Redhead: brush pen sketch

I recently purchased some Pentel Pocket Brush Pens after reading a number of positive comments about them online, and have started to sketch a few simple pieces to get a feel for exactly how to use this type of pen. They feature a nicely flexible and controllable brush tip, and use replaceable cartridges of permanent pigment ink. A pleasing amount of variance in line width is easily achievable – I’ll just need a little more practice to be able to maintain the level of control required to form really beautiful lines.

The sketch above was quickly drawn directly onto tinted watercolour paper and then scanned into Photoshop, where the colour was easily added. Due to limited opportunities to work on larger, more intensive projects at this time, I’m mainly creating smaller, less complex illustrations and designs, which then allow me to use my available time a bit more effectively. Working on my overall drawing skills and improving my technique by hand is something I’m quite keen to do at this point, so I’ll continue to use these brush pens for a range of illustrated ideas. Also, another positive aspect about using these pens is that they take me away from the computer and back to the drawing table – always a good thing in my opinion!


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