The global race to the bottom

The global race to the bottom

In our rapidly shrinking commercial world, corporate responsibility in business affects us all and makes a tangible social difference. Respect as a genuine belief is lost once those who should show responsibility decide to blindly chase inflated profits and obscene personal benefits.

Standards are in decline worldwide as professions are decimated by careless management practices, and decisions are made to retain influence and sales through careful deception and financial bullying. We are now seeing the clear trading of values such as honesty, quality and accuracy, for misleading and insulting corporate double-speak, unethical short-term decisions, and a moral reluctance to work towards outcomes that benefit many.

A large community debt is owed to those who contribute to the bottom line – yet often they have no voice and never receive fair reward. An unconcerned attitude towards individuals is unfortunately a common result for those discarded in the eager chase for financial gain. All too easily many workers are finding themselves playing in a game with questionable rules.

Is the journey really worth it, when you deliberately leave so many behind?


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