The Urbane Toad

The Urbane Toad

Visual ideas for a wide range of illustrations regularly pop into my head, particularly when out for a walk – just as this concept did on a sunny day a few weeks ago. I decided that a ‘dandy’ gentleman toad would fit the bill, and look quite suitable, as per my original idea, which desired a portrait pose combined with a loose hand-lettered title, and just a little bit of fancy detailing.

I had already been researching and looking for helpful toad and frog images some time back, for what will be a reasonably detailed multiple animal characters piece – that one is still to be worked out and started. I’d also had a good look at The Wind In The Willows illustrations (by many different artists) for useful inspiration, so after finding a small collection of images of 1800’s gentlemen attired in the required clothing, I started to sketch out a rough character and then move into Adobe Illustrator to create the artwork. I trialled quite a number of colour options along the way, before settling on this combination of earthy greens and reddish browns. Hope you like my sophisticated and refined amphibian friend!


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