Retro game styled posters

Some further design exploration of my PLAYER ONE concept, based on the logotype design posted earlier this year. I had a number of different repeating patterns and coloured bar options in mind when creating the initial lettering, which I knew would lead me to produce poster designs at some point. All of these designs are inspired by the graphically bold and simple packaging and promotion created for retro games during the 70’s and 80’s, a particular period of time which has always appealed to me as a type of visual time capsule, where popular culture exhibited great interest in future projection and space-based technologies. I’m likely to continue playing around with a few more ideas too, as there are so many striking combinations that I can see as possibilities for this little project.

These days powerful and relatively inexpensive systems entertain us with highly engaging game play and detailed hi-res graphics, but the visual legacy of classic arcade and home console games lives on as a unique part of the history of gaming – a style that generates a true love for the art of game design.


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