The FIGHT continues…

boxing apparel poster design

As I continue to experiment with technique and style on a variety of personal projects and ideas, I’ve produced a few more design concepts for sporting apparel brand FIGHT. These display posters and large format strip banners are for promotional in-store graphics to support brand identity and seasonal marketing initiatives. They’re a good opportunity to play with textures and overlays, which is a general departure for me from standard corporate design work.

display banners


2 responses

  1. Great concept! But, it appears that the boxer has a skirt on … and his should is a bit puny … and the red gloves at the bottom are a bit limp and need beefing up, as if they’re going to deliver a wham! of a punch. Fix those things and it will have greater impact.

    • Thanks for the response. Almost all boxers currently wear the really long style of short that comes down to the knees – they’re big, baggy and do look a bit like a skirt, especially when viewing just as a silhouette.

      Did you mean ‘shoulder’?? I’m happy with their body size, style and overall effect, which is meant to be very simplistic and quickly drawn. The figures are taken from actual boxing poses and then subtly altered to fix things that looked a bit odd – it’s amazing what forms the body has that do appear rather weird.

      Agreed with you about the gloves, so I’ve ‘puffed’ them up a bit and also changed the rotation angle, which I think makes them work better now. They’re only a minor decoration though, so not too much emphasis should be placed on them.

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