Designers regularly embark on journeys into the unknown, deal with shifting and transforming project parameters, and discover that the road ahead reveals technical and creative difficulties set to test even the most skilled of design professionals. Successfully positioning yourself to negotiate these uncomfortable twists and turns can be an advantageous practice, that is not always adhered to by creatives.

The process of creating for commercial clients requires that many tangible, positive outcomes result from the investment, and this therefore necessitates that a series of considered steps be followed. Sound future planning, prediction of likely outcomes, and risk reduction strategies are all key elements involved in the generation of successful concepts that meet the dynamic needs of commercial clients. By developing a considered rationale and adhering to logical design and branding rules, any project encountering serious challenges, should be comfortably able to flexibly manage these altered conditions.

DON'T PANIC!Easy left, hard right

As an example of necessary preparation, rally drivers ‘recce’ stages and create accurate pacenotes, enabling them to foresee every significant curve and corner, so that they can safely take them at maximum speed. This methodology of pre-planning and noting the course is a useful example for designers who need to consider multiple factors when creating within strict timeframes.

It can unfortunately be all too easy to find yourself without options or clear answers when the project takes an unexpected turn and an unmovable deadline looms large. Without having previously addressed many common technical pitfalls, or the generally understood realities of commercial life, thoughtless panicking, and ill-considered rushed solutions, may be the harmful result.

Designers need to work from applicable project certainties and use their problem solving abilities to create an adaptable framework capable of dealing with a changing or evolving brief. Anticipating electronic file requirements, delivery methods and other possibilities for current day technology and new information delivery platforms is a must for anyone producing creative work.

The ability to positively think on your feet and apply well-grounded options or feedback will be largely based on the consideration and planning processes undertaken as part of the creative concept and early project construction. A bit of design thought and preparation can help to navigate troublesome obstacles, and then avoid the unwanted, and unhelpful, panic response.


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