Tales of Quahnarren: The Silent Tower

The Silent Tower from the Tales of Quahnarren

This digital illustration is a brand new addition to my ongoing fantasy universe ‘Tales of Quahnarren‘. Located in the more populated eastern region of Quahnarren, The Silent Tower is the locally given name to the Tower of Xaanagh – a landmark structure sitting in the fertile Dehanthor Valley.

This illustration, completed in Photoshop CS5, was slowly completed over the last 6-7 months and became quite an extended and laborious project in many unexpected ways. Originally proposed as a more fluid and sketchy landscape image, the illustration quickly became heavily detailed after experimenting with standard brushes to form the foreground grass. As I was happy with this unanticipated level of micro detailing, it now set the direction for all the remaining areas and the creative process took itself off down a different path.

To visually document my techniques and approach to image creation, I’ve saved versions of my progress throughout the completion of this illustration. These files were combined into a short video, recording the evolution from the original idea through to the final finished illustration. Here you can watch the early basic forms of my initial layout gradually change into fully detailed areas of colour and interest:


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