Doodle I do

We all know those moments when you’re in a dull meeting, or waiting for something/someone and have time to kill, or you’re on a long phone call and you simply start to doodle on whatever happens to be nearby? Well, I used to quite a bit anyway. Most of that stuff immediately ends up in the circular filing cabinet, just as it rightly deserves, but some small gems do emerge and at times these can help to push you on to further creative thoughts or to define a personal style.

A lot of my doodling was completed whilst at my desk, so the reliable rapidograph pen was often my main weapon of choice. These days however, I’m really only doing something similar when sketching with pencils; producing landscape studies, scratchy character proposals, preliminary design roughs or layout thumbnails.

The rylee vault suprisingly holds a few old cartoony doodles, so why not post a few up and share the joy!

As can easily be seen, I had a somewhat odd preference for elongated, projecting noses. Why – who nose? The good thing is that all along you’re developing skills and learning techniques and this can then be of use when actual projects require your doodling abilities.
Too much of this stuff can, of course, take you on to something a bit more detailed: caricature. My main style back then for almost all my character portraits, entirely revolved around big heads on little bodies, sometimes finished off with even bigger hair (as below, the real person had plenty of hair).
So, we may all now spend more ‘spare’ time fiddling with computers and mobiles, rather than pens and pencils, but I’m sure our minds still have many unique little doodles just waiting to be born. Maybe we could give them the chance to escape a little more often?

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