Illustrations from the past

First up, let’s have us a blast from the past – these are so old they’re only in black & white!! From the early 90’s these were magazine illustrations for Interzone (UK) and Aurealis (Aus) science fiction magazines. The following two were strips for Don Webb’s story, “Not of this World”. All of these were completed on cold press illustration board with rapidograph technical pens.

Next up is an early favourite of mine for “Where The Cold Wind Blows” by James Milton. I’ve always been fascinated by dinosaurs an enjoyed having a story to illustrate that required not one, but three of them! Note that the background wallpaper pattern references Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. Beatrix was a brilliant illustrator (covering many styles beyond the tales of Peter) and a wonderful story teller. Her body of work is very impressive and a helpful inspiration.

Finally, this piece was for a story titled “Next of Kin” – unfortunately I’ve not kept a record of the author’s name. Always enjoy drawing plants and natural settings and the idea here was to camouflage the main character amongst the jungle surroundings.

A few more old magazine illustrations to come in a future update. Looking at these again, I’m thinking that newer versions may well be likely future projects (colour included this time) – especially those dinosaurs!


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